Ceylon Artisans

Why choose Us

Why choose Us

Free Delivery within the city of Colombo

Ceylon Artisans offers free delivery from Colombo 1- Colombo 15. We offer doorstep delivery to your home or office location. Within Colombo City limits, we also provide the facility of sending an employee to get your ring size upon confirming your order.

Island-wide Delivery and International Shipping

We deliver our jewellery outside of Colombo and across Sri Lanka for a small charge that depends on the drop destination. International Shipping is also offered for foreign clients, to allow you to complete your dream of owning a truly Sri Lankan jewellery piece. Shipping is through the Express Postage Service (EPS) under the Universal Postal Union which is a globally trusted package and postal company. Delivery is to your doorstep and all contents are fully insured. Shipping fees and import levies may apply.

Lifetime Warranty

Ceylon Artisans prides itself in its superior jewellery, skillfully and carefully crafted to last a lifetime and more. We offer a lifetime warranty for all our jewelry and customers receive a warranty card upon purchase. This warranty gives a lifetime cover for the craftsmanship of our jewelry. If there is a fault or a defect in the way that the jewellery was crafted, we will correct the defect by remaking or exchanging the jewellery at no cost to you. However, this warranty and guarantee of replacement do not cover misuse or abuse.

Jewellery Certificates

All our gemstones come with a Certificate of Authenticity from GIA (Gemology Institute of America) Certified Laboratories. Here, gems are examined by 2 gemologists using a variety of advanced techniques such as Raman Spectroscopy, Photoluminescence, Ultraviolet-Visible Spectroscopy (UV-VIS) and Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) etc. This confirms the shape and cut, dimensions, weight, origin and treatment of the stone; as well as other factors such as the colour, enhancement, stability, species and variety based on internationally accepted grading and evaluation methods.

Free Design Sketch

Upon request, Ceylon Artisans will provide a free design sketch of the customized jewellery product. This will have been hand-drawn and will combine the client’s ideas and preferences with the expertise of our experienced design artists. The design will be of both the aerial and side view of the jewellery piece and will include details such as gemstone dimensions and setting type.

Free Resizing

Our Jewelry lasts a lifetime, but we understand that ring sizes and jewellery owners don’t! To ensure that our rings always fit the original owner or a new owner perfectly- we offer free resizing of all purchased Ceylon Artisans Rings or Bands, which means we will resize your ring or replace it free of cost as long as it is in pristine condition. Please note Full Eternity Bands and Bespoke rings cannot be resized.

Attractive authentic packaging

Ceylon Artisans is proud to introduce new Sri Lankan style packaging made with authentic jute and natural wood. These boxes are unique in both the jewellery and packaging industries, and have a truly Sri Lankan feel- completing the experience of purchasing jewellery adorned with world-renowned Sri Lankan gemstones!

Customized Jewelry Boxes

Our new authentic Sri Lankan style jewellery boxes also come with the option of a Name and Date customization, so you can record the date of an Engagement/ Wedding/ Birthday etc. as well as text such as an individual or couple’s name(s). This gives you an even more special and personalized experience!

Customized jewellery

Customer satisfaction is our utmost priority. Therefore, Ceylon Artisans specializes in customizing jewellery to suit our customers’ exact needs, desires, preferences and budget. The majority of our jewellery collection consists of custom- created designs. This way, you get exactly what you want and can enjoy owning an exclusive one-off jewellery piece, because life is too short to wear mass-produced jewellery!

Jewellery engraving

At Ceylon Artisans, we strongly believe a piece of jewellery is a piece of art- but it becomes priceless and its value increases manifold when emotions are embedded in it. That’s what jewellery is all about- emotions, memories, moments- it is tangible preciousness that reminds us of who and what matters. To fulfil this, we offer the facility of engraving a Name or Date special to you on the inner side of your Ceylon Artisans Ring or Bracelet. This is a favourite for Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands!

Card Payment

To facilitate seamless payment and a hassle-free transaction, Ceylon Artisans accepts card payment for all your purchases. However, an additional charge of 3% will apply. Bank charges and taxes may also apply for international transactions.