Classic Engagement Emerald Ring with Diamonds


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This emerald engagement ring is perfect if your partner wants an elegant style!

The design of this emerald engagement ring is so special and different with stones flowing all over and we know it’s never too much when it comes to jewelry 😉 The delicate detailing on this emerald engagement ring is similar to the ring styles common in the Victorian era. We are loving the romantic look it gives off! Trust us, emeralds and diamonds are a wonderful combination.

At Ceylon Artisans our unique buying process enables us to handpick all of the diamonds that go into our Jewelry. This means any diamonds which do not meet our high standards are discarded, and only 2% of diamonds make the Ceylon Artisans Grade. All diamonds in this ring are certified!


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Sterling Silver, 18K Rose Gold, 18K White Gold, 18K Yellow Gold, Sterling Silver with Side Stones American Diamonds (Cubic Zirconia)


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