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Finding your partner's ring size
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How to secretly get your partner’s ring size?

As much as you want your partner’s ring to be perfect, we do too! There’s no sure way of securing your partner’s ring size for a surprise proposal, commitment ceremony or any other occasion? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! We’ve listed some ideas below that will help you make sure your partners ring size is perfect!


Existing ring

If your partner owns a ring that fits the ring finger of their right hand, chances are that it’s a little bit bigger or smaller than the left hand. It all depends on which hand is his/her dominant hand. If you know that the ring fits perfectly on the left ring finger you could slip away for a few hours and get the ring measured at Ceylon Artisans. If you can’t slip away with the ring, make an impression of it on a bar of soap or clay, or trace the inside of the ring on a piece of paper.


Phone a friend

Ask your partner’s mom, best friend or anyone close to them who might know their ring size. Your partner’s mom might know it, or she would definitely have a trick up her sleeve to find out!


Take them “shopping”

You’ll need an excuse like a sister or mother’s birthday to get her in a jewelry store. Ask your partner to help you pick out a gift and look at rings among other things. This could be slightly risky as your partner might get suspicious of your sudden interest in jewelry shopping, so you could ask your family to tag along with her for shopping instead. Although, this could end up being a costly way of just getting to know a size.


Pay attention

You may discover that your partner is leaving you clues, especially if they have a specific ring in mind as a present or as an engagement ring. They might also be hinting you by repeatedly saying “It’s not available in size 6” or they might want to try on a ring at the mall, or a friend might know of a ring design he/she was looking at.


Just string things

Saving the toughest for last… Measure your partner’s ring finger while they are asleep. By simply slipping a string or ribbon around their finger as they sleep, this way you can have an approximate measurement to bring to the Artisans. But this technique is highly inadvisable if your partner is a light sleeper and is woken up by the slightest touch or sound!


The Artisans’ Special

At Ceylon Artisans we value our customer’s experience the most. Yes, even more than the diamonds! Therefore, we use a technique that can provide us with an approximate size just over the phone, a snap is all it takes… Place your partner’s ring on the centimeter side measure of a ruler starting from zero and send us a picture of it. We will measure the inside diameter of the ring and provide you with an approximate size of what we believe your partner’s ring is.